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Appweb Download

The download software is a fully functional release that you can use for a limited time to evaluate Appweb.

Supported Versions

There are two supported version streams:

Appweb 2 and 3 are end-of-life. This means that security patches are not proactively created for these versions. Commercial support is available via special legacy support programs. Users are strongly advised to upgrade to Appweb 4.

Appweb LTS Binary Package

Windows (X86 32-bit) Download:
MD5: ed87cdff9eb5cfa8909679e24e0436c5 
3.58 MB
Mac OS X (X64 64-bit) Download: appweb-4.5.4-apple-macosx-x64.pkg
MD5: 51c91507043701946244567c53458743 
5.85 MB

Appweb LTS Source Package

Appweb 4.5.4 Download: appweb-4.5.4-src.tgz
MD5: 58b4082f9bb43bbcdc62511c9e36db7d 
12.77 MB

Alternatively, you can download the Appweb source code from : GitHub.

If you wish to configure the software before building, you will need to download the Bit configuration build tool.

Appweb Legacy Releases

Legacy source releases are provided for those who have existing systems and applications using older Appweb 2 and 3 versions. Commercial support for legacy versions is available under special arrangements. Contact Embedthis for details.

Appweb 2.4.4-0 Download: appweb-2.4.4-0-src.tgz
MD5: a672d40ccfe560c6008642847922a2c1
1.09 MB
Appweb 3.4.2-0 Download: appweb-3.4.2-0-src.tgz
MD5: b5d24b35cb533f30a7b555144fb415f7
10.18 MB

Appweb Release Archive

Other Appweb releases are available from the Appweb Archive.


For community support for Appweb, please visit our online forum. For details about commercial support offerings, see our support center.

All feedback is both very welcome and appreciated. Please send comments and questions to:

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