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Ioto Agent Pricing

The Ioto Agent pricing is the subscription fee for embedding the Ioto Agent in your devices.

Ioto subscriptions are based on the number of devices manufactured that embed the Ioto agent.

Billing for Ioto is performed at the end of each month for the number of devices made during the month.

One-time Flat Fee

To license the Ioto Agent, there is a one time flat fee of $600. Thereafter, a volume-based subscription applies.

Device Volume

Ioto subscriptions are calculated via a sliding scale where the per-device price decreases with increased volume.

The device volume can be automatically calculated as devices are provisioned and tested during manufacture. Alternatively, you can manually enter and maintain the rate of manufactured devices via the Admin portal.

Volume Price Brackets

The following price table shows the device subscription price brackets at increasing volume levels.

The price column shows the subscription price once that volume level has been reached for the month. Prices are the price per device per year.

Volume Price
1 $0
2 $100
11 $14
101 $2
1001 $0.29
10001 $0.10

Pricing Example

For example: If you have 1001 devices manufactured during the month, the calculation would be as follows:

  • First device -- free
  • Next 9 devices -- $100 each
  • Next 90 devices -- $14 each
  • Next 900 devices -- $2 each
  • Last device -- $0.29

So the annual price would be: $100 x 9 + $14 x 90 + $2 x 900 + $0.29

Annual Total: $3,960.29

The monthly subscription would then be: $330

The first month, there is a one-time upfront fee of $600.

So the total first month would be: $930.

For the first billing period, the subscription price may be reduced as it is calculated proportionally for the part of the month since the product definition was created.