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Configure Your Product

To get started, you define the products for which you wish to manage using EmbedThis software. In this process you specify your product name, description, what licensed software you wish to embed in your product and what scope of license you wish to purchase.

If you have been invited to an existing account, the product list may already have defined products.

Product List

When defining your product, you can select to embed one of three device agents:

  • Ioto cloud agent
  • GoAhead web server
  • Appweb web server.

We recommend choosing the Ioto cloud agent for all new devices, even if they are not connected to the cloud as Ioto has the most efficient and secure embedded web server. Please read the Web Server Comparison for details.

For each product that utilizes EmbedThis software, you should create a distinct product entry.

When using OTA software upgrades, each product can have a unique firmware configuration. So will want to configure a different Ioto product for each device that requires a different firmware image.

For Appweb and GoAhead based devices, you should create a product definition for each product described in your Embedthis license agreement. This may have already been created for you. If you require assistance, please contact

Creating New Products

To configure a new product, select the Add Product button from the product list. This will display the slide out product panel.

Product Add

Enter a unique product name and accurate product description. Then select the relevant EmbedThis licensed product you wish to embed. Chose from:

  • Ioto Cloud Agent
  • GoAhead Web Server
  • Appweb Web Server

Depending on the licensed product, you will have different subscription options.

Ioto Products

If you selected Ioto, you can choose to calculate your device volume as your devices are provisioned during manufacturer. This is an automated process and relieves you of the burden of counting and estimating device unit volumes. This is the default and we strongly recommend you using the Meter by Provisioning option.

Alternatively, if you are using Ioto but not connecting to the cloud, you need to explicitly enter and maintain the Manufactured Device Volume. This is your cumulative number of product devices that you have manufactured using Ioto, or will manufacture during the billing period.

Ioto is billed monthly in arrears based on your cumulative deployed (and manufactured) devices. Ioto subscriptions are calculated on a sliding scale where the price decreases the more devices you deploy. The price is < $1 with an installed base of 1,000 devices.

So you can evaluate Ioto without cost, your first device is free. Thereafter, you need to maintain a billing card to fund the subscription plan.

Appweb / GoAhead Products

If you selected Appweb or GoAhead, you choose a license scope from the following:

  • Evaluation
  • Volume Limited 10
  • Volume Limited 100
  • Volume Limited 500
  • Single Product
  • Family of Products
  • Business Line

The Evaluation scope provides a limited version of the software for you to complete your evaluation. This software is not suitable for production and will not contain the latest upgrades and security fixes. But is it ideal for evaluating Appweb or GoAhead.

The volume limited licenses are restricted to a lifetime maximum manufactured volume of 10, 100 or 500 devices.

The Single Product license is limited to a single product and its direct successor product replacements with unlimited device unit volume. Multiple model numbers are permitted, provided the models vary only in branding, appearance, packaging or scale and not otherwise in functionality.

The Product Family license is limited to up to 3 related products within a single product family that share the same functional purpose and have the same public product family name.

The Business Line license permits multiple Product Families within a single business unit and single market segment.

Billing Period

Appweb and GoAhead are billed either monthly or yearly in advance based on your license scope.

For Appweb and GoAhead based devices, you can select the billing period to be Monthly or Yearly. The Yearly subscription pricing provides a 10% discount over the monthly pricing.

Subscription Summary

At the bottom of the product panel is displayed a subscription summary. This will include your estimated yearly subscription. If this is a new Ioto based product, your initial subscription payment will be calculated pro rata to account for the partial initial period.