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Auth Application

The Auth application builds a simple (trivial) user interface for testing the Ioto web user login primitives.


The Auth application is a low-level sample for testing user login and authentication access. It is not intended to be used as the basis for any production application.

The Auth app offers a simple UI to login and logout as an "admin" or "guest" user. When logged in as a guest, you will have limited access to certain pages.


To build the Auth application select the APP and run make:

$ make APP=auth clean build

The build will achieve the following goals:

  • Build the Ioto agent with required services for local device management
  • Build the Auth local web application
  • Copy the required configuration to the ./config directory
  • Copy the required local web site to the ./site directory

The Ioto agent binary will be located in the build/PROFILE/bin/ioto file. The Auth application will be located under the ./site directory.


Run Ioto using:

$ make run

Then browse to


You will probably see a warning about the connection not being secure or "Your connection is not private". This is expected. This is a browser warning that the application is using a test TLS/SSL certificate. You may proceed as instructed and the app home page will be displayed.

Auth Home

Test Users

The auth app defines two test users:

  • admin
  • guest

Both have a password of "demo".

You can login using either account and then test accessing the various UI tabs. The guest account will have access to only a subset of pages.