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Headless Application

The Headless application builds Ioto without an application UI.


The Headless application builds Ioto with the required application integration start/stop callback functions but does not provide any user interface.

This app is useful for building Ioto to operate "headless" as an embedded device agent or embedded web server without a user interface.


To build the Headless application select the APP and run make:

$ make APP=headless clean build

The build will achieve the following goals:

  • Build the Ioto agent with required services for local device management via the embedded web server
  • Copy the required configuration to the ./config directory

The Ioto agent binary will be located in the build/PROFILE/bin/ioto file.

Change the apps/headless/config/ioto.json5 services property collection to enable or disable Ioto services.


Run Ioto using:

$ make run