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Management Applications

When the Ioto agent is built, a selected management application will also be built.

The management apps are browser-based VueJS apps that communicate with either the local Ioto web server or with the cloud-based Ioto service. The applications are stored under the ./apps directory.

Name Directory Description
auth apps/auth Test user login and authentication app.
console apps/console Local developer console for Ioto.
headless apps/headless Headless application without a UI.
kickstart apps/kickstart Local Kickstart sample "router" management app.
manager apps/manager Cloud-based device manager developer console for Ioto.
unit apps/unit Unit tests app.


All applications have a local Makefile that is invoked from the top-level Ioto Makefile. You can use the local Makefile to build just the application.

Local Makefiles support the following targets:

Target Description
config Configure the application and export config files to the ./config directory
build Build the application. Residuals are typically in the ./ui/dist directory

build | Build * build Applications can perform

Application Structure

Each application directory is organized with a similar directory /file structure:

Name Description
Makefile Top-level makefile for the application Integrated documentation for the app
config Directory containing the ioto.json5 and other configuration files
ui VueJS user interface app (if present)
src Device-resident code to integrate with Ioto

If the app provides a user interface, the ui directory will contain:

Name Description
vite.config.js Vite build configuration instructions
src UI VueJS source code for the app
reports Build assets size metrics
Makefile UI Makefile
public Public assets for the UI (html pages, style sheets, images)
index.html UI home page