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Unit Testing Application

The Unit application builds Ioto for unit testing.


The Unit (test) application builds Ioto with test suites that can exercise the various Ioto subsystems.

This app is used by EmbedThis and customers to verify operation of Ioto.


To build the Unit application select the APP and run make:

$ make APP=unit clean build

The build will achieve the following goals:

  • Build the Ioto agent with unit test suites
  • Copy the required configuration to the ./config directory

The Ioto agent binary will be located in the build/PROFILE/bin/ioto file.

Change the apps/unit/config/ioto.json5 services property collection to enable or disable Ioto services.


Run Ioto using:

$ make run

Currently the TestMe unit test suite is required to exercise the Ioto unit tests.

A subset of the unit tests are located under the ./test directory.