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AWS Integration Guide

The Ioto agent is pre-integrated with a suite of AWS services to make the job of creating IoT enabled devices dramatically easier.

All these integrations are optional and can be enabled or disabled via the config/ioto.json5 configuration file.


  • Simply provision devices for management by AWS IoT.
  • Send messages to AWS IoT and other services via MQTT.
  • Easy publish data to the cloud via MQTT.
  • Create metric from any data for graphical display.
  • Replicate and synchronize structured data to AWS DynamoDB.

For device clouds hosted on your own AWS account, you gain direct access to additional AWS features:

  • Generate IAM temporary access credentials to call AWS API services on the device.
  • Use the compact AWS SigV4 REST APIs from the device.
  • Upload data and files to AWS S3.
  • Send control-plane data to AWS IoT Shadows.
  • Store the Ioto log file in AWS CloudWatch.
  • Capture device O/S logs and upload to AWS CloudWatch.
  • Emit metrics to AWS CloudWatch metrics.
  • Save an audit trail to AWS CloudTrail.