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Kickstart Device Management

Kickstart is a fully working sample VueJS single-page application that you can use as a starting point for your device management applications. Kickstart demonstrates the capabilities and experience provided by an application created with Ioto and VueJS. It includes a local, embedded management app that runs within your device and serves a browser-based management user interface.


Kickstart Specs

Read the Kickstart Tech Specs for full details.

Kickstart Screens

See the Kickstart Screen Images for a close up look.

Kickstart Components

  • User management
  • User login
  • Property edit
  • Alert notification
  • Event log
  • Dashboard
  • Dynamic tables and graphs
  • Paged Data Tables
  • Navigation
  • Search
  • Granular access control per page
  • Help

Cloud-Based Device Management

Kickstart alos includes a skin for the Ioto Device Manager that enables management via the cloud.

This skin approximates the functionality of the local Kickstart app, but allows management of multiple devices via the cloud.

The Kickstart app provides the manager cloud skin under the ./components/dist directory. It include a cloud device data schema (Schema.json5), display definition (Display.json5), logo and custom components (Components.js). These are available in the ./components/dist directory for upload to the Builder. Use the Builder Managers / Edit panel and upload each of these assets and save the device cloud configuration. This will reconfigure the Ioto Manager application for your device cloud.

For more details, consult the Device Manager Documentation

Best Practices

Kickstart uses proven designs and best-practices to lower development risk. It includes most of the required elements for a secure web application, so you can eliminate months off your development schedule.

Licensing for Kickstart

Kickstart is free for Ioto customers.

Download from the Products page in Embedthis Builder.