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Device Configuration

The device.json5 configuration file contains device identification and descriptive properties to uniquely identify a device. It is used during device registration and cloud provisioning.

The device.json5 contains properties for:

  • The device unique ID
  • A product token indicating which product on which the device is based
  • When the device was made
  • Identifying description and model strings
  • Whether the device is a test device

You can also add any other properties to the device.json5 that may provide useful device context. These properties will be saved in the cloud device database and will be available to device managers.


    id: "731KPY4BA6",
    product: "01GHTB33NJZXYZ1XA80GY5SZSN",
    name: "Acme Router",
    created: "2022-12-14T03:20:39.347Z",
    description: "Acme Router for Home Office",
    model: "Office-Hub",
    test: false,
    ports: 16,
    memory: "256MB"


Name created
Description An ISO date for when the device was manufactured.
Synopsis created: 'ISO Date'.


created: '2022-12-14T03:20:39.347Z'


Name description
Description A short description of your product.
Synopsis description: 'Short sentence'
Notes This should be a one sentence description of your product.


description: 'Acme Router for Home Office'


Name id
Description The unique device claim ID.
Synopsis id: "Unique device ID"
Notes The id property defines a unique per-device ID. This must be a globally unique ID. This should have a minimum of 80-bits of entropy. For more information, see Builder Serialization.


id: '731KPY4BA6'


Name model
Description A product model string.
Synopsis model: 'Short model string'
Notes This should be a short identifier that describes your device model type.


model: 'Office-Hub-32'


Name name
Description The name of your product.
Synopsis name: 'Few words'
Notes This should be the short, public name of your product.


name: 'Acme Rocket'


Name product
Description The product ID token is a Builder token that identifies the product on which the device was based.
Synopsis product: 'product-id'
Notes To obtain a product token, use the Builder to create a product definition and then get the ProductID token from the token list.


product: '01GHTB33NJZXYZ1XA80GY5SZSN'


Name test
Description Determine if the device is a test device
Synopsis test: true | false
Notes This defaults to false.


test: true