Installing on Linux

Running Appweb on Linux is supported by building from source code.

Please see instructions at Building from Source.

Running Appweb

Appweb will start when the Appweb installation procedure completes and on some systems, will launch your browser directed at the Appweb local home page.Thereafter, Appweb will automatically start if the system is rebooted.

If you wish to manually stop Appweb, type:

appman start

To restart Appweb:

appman stop

Alternatively, you can run appweb manually:

cd /etc/appweb

Appweb is configured by default to listen on port 80. To test that it is serving pages, point your browser at http://localhost. To tailor the Embedthis Appweb configuration, including the default port, you may wish to edit the appweb.conf configuration file.

To get all the options for Appweb, read the man page via:

man appweb
or get the command help via:
appweb --help

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