Installing on MAC OS X

The Embedthis Appweb install distribution for Mac OS X is published as a an installable pkg file.

Installing the PKG Image

  1. Double click on the PKG image.

Removing Appweb

  1. Run a terminal and change directory to the installation directory for Appweb.
  2. Run the remove script in the install directory for Appweb by typing:
sudo ./uninstall

Running Appweb

Appweb will start when the installation procedure completes. Thereafter, Appweb will automatically start when the system is rebooted.

If you wish to manually stop Appweb type:

sudo appman stop

To restart Appweb:

sudo appman start

Alternatively, you can run appweb manually (if not already running):

cd /etc/appweb

Appweb is configured by default to listen on port 80. To test that it is serving pages, point your browser at http://localhost. To tailor the Embedthis Appweb configuration, including the default port, you may wish to edit the appweb.conf configuration file.

To get all the options for Appweb read the man page via:

man appweb
or get the command help via:
appweb --help

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