appweb [options]
       appweb [options] [IP][:port] [documentRoot]

           --config configFile
           --chroot directory
           --exe path
           --home directory
           --log logSpec
           --name uniqueName
           --threads threads
           --trace traceSpec
           [IP][:port] [documentRoot]


       Appweb  is  a  compact  embedded HTTP web server.  It is a fast, small-
       footprint, multi-threaded, standards-based, portable  server  developed
       for  use  by embedded devices and applications.  It can run as a stand-
       alone web server or the Appweb library can be embedded in applications.

       Appweb supports HTTP/1.1, SSL, digest and basic authentication, virtual
       hosting, ranged requests, chunked transfers, file upload  and  security
       limits.  Appweb has an Apache style configuration file and supports the
       PHP and Ejscript web frameworks.

       Appweb normally reads the appweb.conf  file  for  configuration  direc-
       tives.  However, if appweb is invoked with an IP address or port number
       on the command line, Appweb  will  not  read  the  configuration  file.
       Rather it will listen for requests on the specified IP:PORT address. If
       the PORT component is omitted, Appweb will listen on port 80. If the IP
       address  is  omitted  and a port is supplied, Appweb will listen on all
       network interfaces.

       Appweb responds to the SIGUSR2 signal and toggles the trace level  from
       2 to 4 and vice-versa. Appweb responds to the SIGINFO|SIGPWR signal and
       emits operational stats to the trace log.


       --config filename
              Define the name of the Appweb configuration  file.  This  is  by
              default appweb.

       --chroot directory
              Change  the  system  root  directory  for Appweb. This creates a
              chroot jail so that the Appweb process cannot access  any  files
              outside the given directory.

       --log logSpec
              Name the Appweb log file. This will override the ErrorLog direc-
              tive in the configuration file. The syntax is:

              --log logName[:logLevel]

       --name NAME
              Define a unique name for this instance of Appweb. Useful for  ps
              -ef listings.

       --trace traceSpec
              Name  the  Appweb  request  trace  file.  This will override the
              TraceLog directive in the configuration file.  The syntax is:

              --trace traceName[:traceLevel]

              Shorthand for --log stdout:4. The -v  option  is  an  alias  for

              Output the product version number.




       Report bugs to


       Copyright (C) Embedthis Software.


       appman authpass esp http

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