Appweb APIs may evolve, and are thus subject to change between minor releases. The Appweb documentation provides a Stability Classification for each API group that reflects their stability with respect to forward changes.

Migrating to Appweb 5

Appweb 4 and 5 are highly compatible. Code written for Appweb 4 should migrate to Appweb 5 with few changes required. Appweb 5 does use a newer version of the MakeMe/Bit and Pak tools.

If you are migrating from Appweb 2 or 3, you should regard Appweb 5.X as a next generation web server. You can migrate code from Appweb 2 or 3 to Appweb 5, however, you should anticipate significant refactoring work in the transition.

Appweb 4

Appweb 4 is an evolutionary release relative to Appweb 3. Many APIs have changed since Appweb 3 and new APIs have been added for increased functionality. Appweb 4 uses a new memory allocator that does not require a memory context as the first argument to most APIs. So many APIs have changed signature, while the underlying functionality remains largely similar. The memory allocator uses garbage collection and this eliminates the need to manually free up memory. You can migrate code from Appweb 3 to Appweb 4 with refactoring.

Appweb 2 and 3

Appweb versions 2 and 3 are now officially deprecated. Support is only available under special arrangements via custom dev services programs.


Appweb supports the following standards:

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