ESP Directives

The ESP directives control the ESP Web Framework and configure and control ESP web applications.


Description Define an ESP web application
Synopsis EspApp
EspApp prefix=URI config=PATH
Context Default server, Virtual host, Route
Examples EspApp /Users/guest/*/esp.json
EspApp prefix="/demo"" dir="/var/www/demo/esp.json"

The EspApp directive defines an ESP application at the given directory. This one-line directive is often all you need to do to define an ESP application.

If a prefix is defined, all requests that begin with that URI prefix will be routed to the ESP application. If no prefix is given, the basename of the dirctory containing the ESP application will be used as the prefix (with a leading "/").

When the simple form is used (without prefix or dir arguments), the path may contain wild cards to define multiple ESP applications.

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