Enterprise and Community Editions


Appweb and GoAhead have always been published with an open source GPL license and a commercial license. The software was the same, but it was your choice which license to use.

Today we're making some changes to how these products are delivered, but the underlying licenses and options remain the same.

Community Edition


From today, we are delivering the open source version of Appweb and GoAhead under the name Community Edition. The software is the same and the README and LICENSE files are clarified. This software is licensed via the GNU GPL.

The GPL License does not generally permit incorporating this software into non-open source programs. The GPL license requires that all software linked with a GPL licensed component, be itself licensed via the GPL. If you use the Community Edition, you must also license all your software that modifies, links with or is combined with Appweb/GoAhead via the GPL. This means you must offer your source code to the general public and anyone who requests it.

Please consult the GPL license for license details. Contact Embedthis at licensing@embedthis.com if you have any licensing questions.

Enterprise Edition


The commercially licensed version of Appweb and GoAhead will now be packaged as the Enterprise Edition.

The Enterprise Edition provides a royalty free, commercial license to embed the software into your products with options for ongoing maintenance and support.

The Enterprise Edition may from time to time deliver new features before the Community Edition. For example: the Appweb Enterprise Edition Version 8 includes HTTP/2 support first.

Contact sales@embedthis.com for details.

Please read the following document for more information:

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