Product Updates


We're releasing minor updates for all products with fixes and optimizations all round.

Appweb Changes

  • Optimize HTTP/2 file handling
  • Fix Conditional routine with gzipped content
  • Fix MPR mprLog after backup rotation
  • Fix MPR CPU spin in mprWaitForEvent
  • Fix OpenSSL SslProtocol directive for TLSv1
  • Fix Compiling for FreeBSD

Release details at Appweb GitHub Issues.

GoAhead Changes

  • TLS v3 support
  • Update Osdep for building on BSD
  • Fix high CPU load in file upload
  • Harden HTTP header parsing
  • Fix file upload memory use after free

Release details at GoAhead GitHub Issues.

ESP Changes

  • Update ESP espAction to use abilities vs roles
  • Add ESP database open/close reloading
  • Fix ESP findParams with multiple keys

Release details at ESP GitHub Issues.


All other products have been updated with minor fixes.

Download the new releases at:


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