Appweb 8

Appweb 8 has arrived with great new capabilities including HTTP/2 support.


Appweb 8 offers HTTP/2 which is a new HTTP protocol that offers higher throughput, and decreased latency. For embedded systems, it offers greatly improved efficiency as it reduces the number of network connections required to serve web applications. This results in fewer resources required for web applications and accelerated UI response.

Appweb 8 Features

Appweb 8 HTTP/2 supports multiplexing multiple request streams over a single network connection and offers decreased latency and improved efficiency. This necessitates some API changes and so handlers and filters may need some minor refactoring to work with Appweb 8. ESP, CGI and PHP applications should not need any changes.

The major new features of Appweb 8 are:

  • Support for the HTTP/2 protocol “h2” including server and client side transfers.
  • Improved pipeline handling to support HTTP/2 multiplexing.
  • New HttpNet structure defines the network socket that is shared among requests.
  • The Upload filter is enabled by default and always part of pipeline.
  • New Auth Type “app” for application defined authentication
  • Improved packet level trace
  • Improved OpenSSL support for either 1.0 or 1.2
  • Improved PHP support for either PHP 5 or 7
  • Improved management of ESP applications to support larger ESP applications with easier compiling.

Appweb version 8 beta is now available for commercial customers. Please contact for details.



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