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Ioto Agent Database

The Ioto agent embedded database is an ultra high performance NoSQL database for embedded applications. It supports fast, in-memory, local data access and optional transparent synchronization of data to and from the cloud. The Ioto agent embedded database is designed to be compatible with AWS DynamoDB so that it can easily replicate structured device data to the cloud. It is modeled after AWS DynamoDB and the OneTable access library.

The database uses Red/black binary search indexes and has controllable local persistence to disk and to the cloud on a per-table basis.

Database Features

  • High performance NoSQL management document database.
  • JSON document items with flexible query API.
  • Efficient import and export of database items.
  • Red/black binary search indexes.
  • Simple, non-waiting API.
  • Controllable persistence with change triggers.
  • Transparent bi-directional data synchronization with the cloud.
  • Unified data schema between device and cloud databases.
  • Based on AWS DynamoDB and DynamoDB OneTable.

JSON documents

The database stores items as JSON documents that are a nested collection of properties to arbitrary depth. As JSON is one of the most prevalent data exchange formats, storing data in JSON greatly reduces data replication costs.

Ioto includes a powerful JSON query engine that you can use to query and manipulate JSON documents.