MANAGER(1)                       User Commands                      MANAGER(1)

       manager - Manager program for services

       manager [options] [commands]
              [--args arguments] [--console] [--daemon] [--heartBeat interval]
              [--home directory] [--log logFile:level] [--name  Service  name]
              [--pidfile path] [--program Service program]

       The manager program is used to configure the running of system services
       (daemons).   Manager  provides  a  generic  way  to  install/uninstall,
       enable/disable,  start/stop, and run a service, regardless of the oper-
       ating system. When used to run a service, it  starts  the  service  and
       then  watches  over it, to restart it should it fail. Manager also pro-
       vides general management commands to enable, disable, start,  and  stop

              Disable  the service from automatically starting when the system
              is booted.

       enable Enable the service to start automatically on system boot.

              Install the service.

       run    Run the service and monitor its execution. Manager will automat-
              ically  restart  the service should it fail.  Manager will block
              unless it is invoked with --daemon.

       start  Start the service.

       stop   Stop the service.

              Uninstall the service.

       --args arguments
              Arguments to use for the service program command  line  when  it

              Windows specific option to allow the manager process to interact
              with the users desktop.

              Run the manager as a daemon process. This causes the manager  to
              detach from the current shell and run in the background.

       --heartBeat interval
              Windows  specific option to set the frequency in seconds for the
              manager to check on service.  This period should be short enough
              that  the  service will be quickly restarted should it fail, but
              not so short that the manager process consumes  significant  CPU
              resources.  If the service dies more than 30 times per hour, the
              manager will suspend restarting the service.

       --home directory
              Set the home directory in which to start the service.

       --log logFile:level
              Specify a file to use  for  log  messages.  The  level  argument
              defines  the  message  verbosity. Zero is the least and 9 is the
              most verbose.

       --retries count
              Number of times to restart the service per hour.

       -v     Output the product version number.

       Report bugs to

       Copyright (C) Embedthis Software.


manager                          November 2014                      MANAGER(1)