Definition class Config
InheritanceConfig inherit Object
StabilityEvolving (.

Config class providing settings for various "configure" program settings.


static BinPathBinaries directory.
static CPUStringSystem CPU type (eg. X86, x64, ppc, arm). This is the type of the system CPU and not the application instruction set.
static DebugBooleanTrue if a debug build.
static OSStringOperating system version. One of: WINDOWS, LINUX, MACOSX, FREEBSD, SOLARIS, CYGWIN, VXWORKS.
static IncPathInclude directory.
static ProductStringEjscript product name. Single word name.
static TitleStringEjscript product title. Multiword title.
static VersionStringEjscript version. Multiword title. Format is Major.Minor.Patch-Build For example: 1.1.2-1.

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