Installing on Linux

Running Ejscript on Linux is supported by building from source code.

Please see instructions at Building from Source.

Running Ejscript

You can run ejs via:


To get all the options for Ejscript, read the man page via:

man ejs
or get the command help via:
ejs --help

Other Commands

The installation will install four commands:

Name Description
ejs The Ejscript command shell. This command can parse and execute ejs scripts from files or typed interactively on the console. This command contains both the Ejscript compiler and virtual machine.
ejsc The Ejscript compiler. This command can compile scripts into byte code form for later running via the ejs command.
ejsmod The Ejscript module manager. This command generates assembler source code listings, HTML documentation and symbolic slot offset header files.
mvc The Ejscript Model-View-Controller web framework generator and manager. This command assists to create Ejscript Web applications that use the Ejscript Web Framework.

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