goahead [options] [documents] [[IP][:port] ...]

           --auth authFile
           --home directory
           --log logSpec
           --route routeFile
           [IP][:port] [documents]


       GoAhead  is  popular,  simple  embedded HTTP web server.  It is a fast,
       small-footprint,  single-threaded,  standards-based,  portable   server
       developed  for use by embedded devices and applications.  It can run as
       a stand-alone web server or the GoAhead  library  can  be  embedded  in

       GoAhead  supports HTTP/1.1, SSL, digest, basic and web-form authentica-
       tion, chunked transfers, file upload and sandbox security limits.

       When goahead is built, it  is  configured  to  open  a  port  for  HTTP
       requests  and  optionally  one  for SSL. However, if goahead is invoked
       with an IP address or port number on the  command  line,  GoAhead  will
       listen  on these ports instead.  If the PORT component is omitted, GoA-
       head will listen on port 80. If the IP address is omitted and a port is
       supplied, GoAhead will listen on all network interfaces.


       --auth filename
              Define  the  name of the authentication configuration file. This
              is by default auth.txt.  If GoAhead is built  with  PAM  support
              (Unix  Pluggable Authentication Modules), then passwords will be
              authenticated from the system password database.

              Run GoAhead in debug mode and disable all  timeouts.  This  dis-
              ables  request  and session timeouts.  The -d option is an alias
              for --debugger.

       --log logSpec
              Name the GoAhead log  file.  This  will  override  the  ErrorLog
              directive  in  the configuration file.  When the maximum size is
              exceeded, the log file will be rotated to logName.old and a  new
              log  file  will be started. The -l option is an alias for --log.
              The syntax is:

              --log logName[:logLevel]

              Output the product version number.


       Report bugs to <;>;.


       Copyright (C) Embedthis Software.


       gopass, webcomp

goahead                           March 2014                        GOAHEAD(1)

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