webcomp [options] files ... >;output.c

       [--files fileList] [--name structName] [--strip prefix]


       To  enable files to be accessed on embedded systems without a file sys-
       tem, the webcomp command converts arbitrary files into C code that  can
       be  compiled and linked into a program. This is useful for applications
       that must execute completely from ROM and not  access  a  file  system.
       This  facility can also enhance security by preventing the modification
       of files.

       The MPR portable runtime provides routines which can  then  read  these
       files much as you would read any file on disk.


       --files fileList
              Option to provide a list of files that should be converted.  --p
              strip Specifies a prefix to remove from  each  of  the  compiled
              file names.

       --name structName
              Specifies  the name of top level C structure that holds the con-
              verted files.


       This example will create a list of web files  and  then  convert  these
       files into C structures in the file romFiles.c.

           find web -type f -print >;fileList

           webcomp --files filelist >;romFiles.c

           cc -o romFiles.o romFiles.c


       Report bugs to <;>;.


       Copyright (C) Embedthis Software.


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