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AWS Integration Guide

The Ioto agent is pre-integrated with a suite of AWS services to make the job of creating IoT enabled devices dramatically easier.

All these integrations are optional and can be enabled or disabled via the config.json5 configuration file.


  • Simply provision devices for management by AWS IoT
  • Replicate and synchronize structured data to AWS DynamoDB.
  • Generate IAM temporary access credentials to call AWS API services on the device.
  • Use the compact AWS SigV4 REST APIs from the device.
  • Send messages to AWS IoT and other services via MQTT.
  • Upload data and files to AWS S3.
  • Send control-plane data to AWS IoT Shadows.
  • Store the Ioto log file in AWS CloudWatch.
  • Capture device O/S logs and upload to AWS CloudWatch.
  • Emit metrics to AWS CloudWatch metrics.
  • Save an audit trail to AWS CloudTrail.