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Glossary of Terms

Here is a list of terms used by the Device Build documentation

Term Description Link
Builder The EmbedThis Device Builder Site.
Claim Device When an end-user purchases a device and claims it for them to manage.
Device Agent The embedded agent providing device management services.
Device Cloud A management hub from which to centrally operate and manage a set of devices
Device Provisioning The process of providing devices with X.509 certificates and credentials to securely connect with cloud-based services.
Register Device The process of connecting the device to the Builder during manufacturing, creating a record that the device was produced.
Device Tables Ioto Device Tables is a global, replicated database that transparently synchronizes data between devices and the cloud.
AWS IAM Device Role IAM role used by the Device Cloud when creating IAM keys for use inside the device.
AWS IAM Role An AWS IAM identity that enable specific permissions for the owner.
IoT Policy An AWS IoT policy used to configure the permissions granted to incoming MQTT messages from the device.
Ioto Service The cloud-side AWS application providing the EmbedThis Ioto cloud-based management service.
MQTT A lightweight, publish/subscribe messaging protocol primarily used by IoT.
X.509 Certificate A public key certificate used by TLS to verify the identity of a provider and to use as the basis for encrypted communications.