--load data.json
           --schema schema.json


       The dbcmd utility is a database manager and query utility to interact
       with the Ioto embedded database. It can be used to query and set
       database values and reset or load seed data into the Ioto database.

       The --schema option specifies the database schema that defines the
       database entities, fields and data types. This option is required.

       The database file is specified as the first non-option argument. If no
       other arguments are provided, the data items of the database are
       printed to stdout as a series of JSON objects.

       If a model argument is provided after the database file, then only data
       items of that model type are printed.

       If a field=value argument is provided, database items that have a field
       with the specified value will be printed.


       The --load option specifies a JSON file from which to load data. The
       JSON format is an object map of entities with an array of data items.

       For example:

           User: [
               { name: 'Peter', role: 'user' },
               { name: 'Elisha', role: 'admin' },
           ] }

       The --reset command will reset the database and erase all existing
       items in the database.


       Report bugs to dev@embedthis.com.


       Copyright (c) Embedthis Software.

dbcmd                              June 2022                          DBCMD(1)

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