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Ioto Cloud Device Manager

When the Builder creates a device cloud, it provides a cloud-based device manager to supervise your devices. This manager, called the Ioto Cloud Device Manager is hosted by Embedthis on a sub-domain of your choosing.

The Ioto Manager is a generic (white-label) cloud-based device manager that is uniquely configured for each device cloud. You can completely customize the UI with your logo, product name, color and font theme, navigation and screens. You can also customize the customize the browser-based and cloud-side custom logic.

The Ioto Manager is extremely flexible, however, there are limits, and you may eventually want to create your own manager application from the ground up, that uses the Ioto APIs to provide a bespoke management experience for your devices.

Home Page


Ioto will create a web site for your device cloud under the domain. You can select a unique sub-domain that reflects your company or product's brand. The sub-domain name you choose must be globally unique. For example, if your company was named Atlantis, you could select the domain


Alternatively, you can register your own site URL with a domain name of your choosing.

To use an Ioto sub-domain, enter the sub-domain name of your choosing. To use a self-hosted domain, check the "Self Hosted Domain" checkbox and enter your full domain name.

Manager UI

To configure the Ioto Manager, select the "Update Manager UI" checkbox and upload device specific assets.

You can upload the following assets to configure the Ioto Manager.

  • Your logo
  • Schema.json
  • Display.json
  • Extension Components

The Schema.json file describes your device specific data and the Display.json defines how to present the user interface to manage that device data.

Ioto Manager Skin

The Ioto ./manager directory contains the device schema, skin, theme, logo and extension VueJS components to customize the Ioto Manager.

You can build the Ioto manager assets via:

cd ./manager
make configure
make build

Once built, you can upload your manager assets when creating or modifying your device cloud. From the Builder Cloud/Edit panel, select the Update Manager UI checkbox and upload manager assets from the ./manager/dist directory:

  • ioto-logo.png
  • Display.json
  • Schema.json
  • Components.js

Extension Components

The Ioto Manager is a VueJS application that can be extended at runtime via custom components. You can build custom VueJS components and package into a bundle that can be uploaded and dynamically integrated into the Ioto Manager to provide custom UI displays and perform unique tasks.

The ./manager directory contains a sample custom component under the ./manager/src directory that is built when the manager is built.

To learn more, read the documentation Manager Custom Components.

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