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Device Registration

Before leaving the factory, when the device first powers on during system test, the Ioto agent will start and connect to the Embedthis Ioto cloud service to register itself.

During registration, the Ioto agent will send the device.json5 contents over an encrypted TLS connection to the Ioto cloud service. This registration request includes the device UCI and the product ID.

Once received and validated, the Ioto cloud service will save the device information in the Ioto cloud registration database.

If using User-claimed devices, the Ioto agent then awaits for a user to claim the device. If using Pre-claimed devices, the Ioto agent will skip the claiming step and proceed retrieve the required MQTT certificates and securely connect to the cloud.


Registration requires that your factory firewall have an outbound port opened to connect out to on port 443. This is a single outbound request only.