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Builder Device Registration

The EmbedThis Builder Device API is a REST API for devices to register with the Ioto service. It is only used by devices before they are claimed by users for management.

When devices are first booted, they will "register" with the builder using their device ID (ClaimID). The device then remains under the management of the Builder until it is "claimed" by a user for management using the "claim" API.

When claimed, the device is provisioned with secure communications certificates and redirected to the device cloud.




Authorized User Role


HTTP Headers

The request must include HTTP Content-Type of application/json.

Request Body

Field Type Required Notes
id string yes Device Claim ID.
account string Manager Account ID if auto claiming.
cloud string Cloud ID if auto claiming.
product string yes Product ID Token.
test boolean Set to true for test devices.
* any


Field Type Notes
api string API endpoint for the device cloud that claimed the device.
token string Access token for requests to the device cloud.
registered boolean Set to true when registered.