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Cloud Management

Ioto provides a complete end-to-end cloud-based device management solution.

The EmbedThis Builder provides design-time tools to create your device cloud and configure the Ioto Device Manager. While the Ioto agent provides on-device data management.

The Ioto Device Manager is a generic (white-label) device manager that is configured with each device cloud created by the Embedthis Builder. It can be extensively customized to manage devices with your logo, product name and device specific data, screens, panels and inputs.

To setup cloud-based management you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Create an account with the Embedthis Builder
  2. Define a product and download Ioto
  3. Create a device cloud and upload device manager assets
  4. Get the product token and add to the ./config/device.json5 file

Creating a Builder Account

Go to the Embedthis Builder from:


Define a Product

In the EmbedThis Builder, navigate to the Products menu option and add a product.

Product List

Product Add

Consult the integrated Builder Help for more details.

Create a Device Cloud

Before creating your device cloud, you will need to build the Ioto ./manager directory.

The ./manager directory contains the device schema, skin, theme, logo and extension VueJS components to customize the IotoManager.

Once built, you can upload your manager assets. In the Cloud/Edit panel, select the Update Manager UI checkbox and upload manager assets from the ./manager/dist directory.

  • ioto-logo.png
  • Display.json
  • Schema.json
  • Components.js

The Schema.json file describes your device specific data and the Display.json defines how to present the user interface to manage that device data.

You can build the cloud configuration via:

make manager

Uploading the Manager Assets

Navigate to the Clouds menu option to create a cloud in your desired AWS region. Click Save in Cloud edit panel to create the device cloud with your manager assets.


You can revise the manager assets at anytime in the future.

Get the Product Token

From the Builder Tokens page, copy the Product token to the clipboard and then edit the config/device5.json and define your "product" property with this value.

Product Token

Generate a Device ID

Lastly, generate a unique device ID via:

ioto --gen

Paste the value into the "id" property in the config/device5.json file.

Set other device.json5 properties to desired values.

Running Ioto

To run ioto:

ioto -v