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Installing Ioto

Ioto releases are available as source code distributions from the Builder Site.

To download Ioto, first create an account and login. Then define your product and select Ioto as the licensed software. Then click the download link and select the Ioto source code package.

Download Source Package

The Ioto source distribution contains all the required source files, headers, and test frameworks to reconfigure, build, and verify Ioto. The software supports two methods for building from source.

  • Make
  • Xcode

You can build by simply typing make or you can select one of the IDE projects under the projects directory.

Several build environments are supported including Linux and Mac OS X. For other environments, you will need to cross-compile.

For more details, read Building from Source in the Developer guide.

GitHub Issues

A GitHub repository is used to report bugs, track issues and for general discussion.

Go to the GitHub Issues to track bugs, security issues or participate in general discussions regarding Ioto.