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Building Ioto with OpenSSL

Ioto includes support for multiple SSL stacks including:

MbedTLS is a compact TLS implementation suitable for using in embedded devices. Ioto includes the MbedTLS distribution and will build with it by default.

OpenSSL is a leading open source TLS stack that is faster, but bigger. Ioto includes support for OpenSSL, but you must build or obtain the OpenSSL libraries yourself.

Downloading OpenSSL

You can download OpenSSL from the web site. Alternatively, most Linux distributions include OpenSSL with their default distribution.

To use OpenSSL on Windows or MacOS you must first download OpenSSL ( and build it from source. We support the latest stable and LTS releases only. Once OpenSSL is built, you will need to supply the Ioto project with the pathname to your OpenSSL source code directory.

Building with OpenSSL via Make

If you are building with make, first copy the built OpenSSL libraries to your build/*/bin directory. Then set the path to your OpenSSL source directory when you run make:

make ME_COM_OPENSSL=1 ME_COM_OPENSSL_PATH=/path/to/openssl SHOW=1

Building Ioto with OpenSSL via Visual Studio

To set the path to your OpenSSL source directory, select "View -> Property Manager". Select "ioto" and edit the "product" property page by expanding Debug. In the "product Property Pages" dialog, add a User Macro definition for the OpenSSL source directory.

ME_COM_OPENSSL_PATH path/to/openssl

Building Ioto with OpenSSL via Xcode on Mac OS

To set the path to your OpenSSL source directory, click on "ioto-macosx-default" on the left to display the project settings. Select under "PROJECT" the "ioto-macosx-openssl_10" project and click on "Build Settings" in the panel in the center. Scroll down to define the path to your OpenSSL source code directory in the ME_COM_OPENSSL_PATH property.