Release Notes

Welcome to the Embedthis Ioto™ installation release notes. This document provides release-specific information for Ioto. This package contains the source code distribution for the Ioto device agent. It includes full source, documentation and samples needed to embed Ioto in a device or application.


The Ioto commercial license provides a royalty free license with options for commercial maintenance and support. Contact for details.

Ioto includes support for external packages such as OpenSSL. These packages have their own licenses. Make sure you check the relevant package license details to ensure you are complying with their licenses.

System Requirements

The following operating systems are supported:

The following CPU architectures are supported: arm, mips, ppc, xscale, x86, x64, sparc.

Run-time System Requirements

To deploy Ioto in an embedded environment, you will need at least the following:

Development Environment Hardware Platform Support

If you wish to build Ioto from source code, you will need to use a "C" compiler and associated development tools. Several development environments are supported. You may choose any of the following to compile and build samples and source code.

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