Running Ioto

This page gives information about running Ioto and the Ioto command line.

Ioto Command Line

The Ioto command line options are:

ioto [options]

Ioto Command Options

Option Description
--background Run Ioto in the background detached from the terminal.
--debug Emit debug level trace to stdout.
--home directory Change to the given directory before running Ioto.
--trace file[:type:from] Specify a destination file for trace messages. This will override the trace property in the Ioto config.json file. The trace argument syntax is fileName[:type:from]. The types are a comma separated list of message types. Valid types include: info, debug, error, and trace. Sources are the code module names originating the trace messages. You can use "all" for types and sources to match all types/sources. You can also use "!type" and "!source" to negate a type or source.
--profile profile Select the execution profile from config.json. Defaults to "prod".
--timeouts Disable timeouts for debugging.
--verbose Shorthand for --trace stdout:2. The -v option is an alias for --verbose.
--version Display the ioto version number


Ioto responds to the SIGUSR2 signal to toggle tracing to be more verbose.

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