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Embedded Web Server

Ioto can be used as a cloud connected agent or as a stand-alone embedded web server without any cloud management features.

Ioto can be built and configured to run only the web server and thus be a first-class replacement for any embedded web server. Embedthis has been developing embedded web servers for many years and the Ioto web server contains all that we have learned over this period.

Ioto is our best embedded web server with performance and security that surpasses other web servers.

The Ioto web server is unlike other embedded web servers in that it does not try to offer ALL HTTP features and functions. Rather, it implements only the essential core of HTTP/1.1 and thus deliver a tiny, fast, secure embedded web server that is exceptionally good at serving single page web applications and device data APIs.

The Ioto web server supports: HTTP/1, HTTP/1.1, TLS/SSL, Action routines, user authentication, sessions, cookie management, request logging, and security sandboxing. Best of all, Ioto is tiny using only 80K of code and will run in 150K RAM. It will serve over 3,000 requests/sec on a Raspberry PI class of device.

Ioto Web Server

For more details, please read the Ioto Web Server Guide.