Services Properties

Description Configure which Ioto services to enable at runtime.
Synopsis services: { 'Service-Name': true | false, ... }
Example services: { core: true, extend: true, logs: true, mqtt: true, shadow: true, state: true, web: true, },

The services property collection defines which Ioto services to enable.

The supported services are:

  • aws — AWS IoT Core messaging
  • extend — User extensions in extend.c
  • logs — Send local log files to CloudWatch logs
  • mqtt — MQTT services
  • shadow — AWS IoT device shadows
  • state — Send device state to AWS database
  • web — Local web server

Some services depend on others. Lower-level services will be forcibly enabled if upper level services require them. For example: mqtt will be enabled if aws is enabled.

The following dependencies are observed:

  • aws — depends on mqtt
  • shadow — depends on aws
  • state — depends on aws

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