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Ioto Project Resources

Embedthis developers use a variety of tools and resources to better manage the Ioto project. These include source code control and an issue tracking database.

Product Issues

The Builder is used to track issues and security notices.

Go to the Builder Products List to see the product list and product security center.

To open a bug report, use the Builder Support Center to open a case ticket.

Opening a Support Issue

When you open a support ticket, please make sure you do the following:

  • Fully describe any issue — don't be too brief
  • The exact sequence of operations to provoke the issue
  • Specify the software version and how you built it
  • Describe your system platform: O/S and hardware
  • Provide a stand-alone test case that reproduces the issue
  • If relevant, upload edited log files and command line trace

It is easy to be too brief in describing issues. To solve quickly, please provide as much detail as you can when describing issues.


Embedthis provides paid support programs for Ioto. If you are interested in support, please sign up via the admin portal at: