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Running Ioto

When Ioto is installed, it is configured to start automatically when the system boots.

However, you can run Ioto manually and during development this can be helpful when varying the level of debug trace output.

Ioto Command Line

On Linux or Mac OS X, Ioto is installed by default in the directory /usr/local/lib/ioto. The Ioto program is installed at /usr/local/bin/ioto.

The Ioto command line is:

ioto [options]

Ioto Command Options

Option Description
--background Run Ioto in the background detached from the terminal.
--debug Emit debug level trace to stdout.
--debug Emit debug tracing
--home directory Change to directory to run
--profile profile Select execution profile from config.json
--timeouts Disable timeouts for debugging
--trace file[:type:from] Trace to file (stdout:all:all)
--verbose Same as --trace stdout:all
--version Output version information


When Ioto starts, it reads various Ioto configuration files from the Ioto installation directory. See Configuration Files for details.