Description Collection of Upload properties.
Synopsis upload: { "Upload-Property": "Upload-Value", ... }
Examples upload: { dir: '/tmp', remove: true, }

The Upload properties control requests that use multi-part mime file upload. They control where the files are placed and how long the files are retained.

upload → dir

Description Defines the directory to receive uploaded files.
Synopsis dir: "path"
Example dir: "./tmp/uploads"

The directory to hold uploaded files should be outside the site "documents" directory.

upload → remove

Description Defines whether the uploaded files should be preserved after the request completes.
Synopsis remove: true | false
Example remove: true

The remove property defines whether the uploaded file is removed when the request completes. By default, an action routine that receives the upload file request should process the file before completing. Then Ioto will observe this property to determine if the file should be removed.

Security It is a denial-of-service risk to keep uploaded files in the upload directory after the receiving action routine completes. If the files are not immediately removed, attackers can upload more and more data and exhaust the capacity of the server.

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