Top Level Web Properties


Description Directory containing the static file documents to be published for context.
Synopsis documents: "directoryPath"
Example documents: "/var/www"

The documents property defines the directory containing the documents that will be served. All routes share the same documents directory. The directoryPath should not have a trailing slash.


Description Define the default index file to serve for directory requests
Synopsis index: "filename"
Example index: "index.html"

The index property specifies a document to be served when a HTTP request is made for a directory.

If a client requests a directory, but without a trailing "/" in the URI, the client will be redirected to the URI with a trailing "/". When the client then uses that URI, the directory index file will be used for the response.

For example: if an index of "index.html" is specified and a user requests, then the document /products/index.html will be returned to the user.

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