Installing on Windows

The MakeMe install package for Windows is an installation executable compressed in a ZIP file available here.

The distribution image contains the binary distribution and documentation headers in one package.

Installing the Image

  1. Login with administrator privileges.
  2. Run winzip (or other similar tool) and extract the contents of the zipped EXE install image to a folder of your choosing.
  3. Browse to the location holding the EXE install image and run it.

Removing MakeMe

  1. Login with administrator privileges
  2. Run the Add / Remove Programs applet from the control panel.
  3. Select Embedthis MakeMe and click remove.

Silent Installation

If you need to do batch or unattended installations, you can install MakeMe silently. Use the /silent switch to suppress questions and /verysilent to suppress all visual output.

Running MakeMe

You can invoke MakeMe simply as me

$ me ERROR: Can't find suitable
Run "me --gen start" to create stub

This indicates you are ready to start by creating your first file. To learn more, read the MakeMe Overview.

To display the various MakeMe command options, type:

$ me help
Usage: me [options] [targets|actions] ...
  --benchmark                              # Measure elapsed time
  --configure path-to-source               # Configure for building
  --continue                               # Continue on errors
  --debug                                  # Same as --profile debug
  --depth level                            # Set utest depth level
  --diagnose                               # Emit diagnostic trace 
  --dump                                   # Dump the full project me file
  --endian [big|little]                    # Define the CPU endianness
  --file                           # Use the specified me file
  --force                                  # Override warnings
  --gen [make|nmake|sh|vs|xcode|main|start]# Generate project file
  --help                                   # Print help message
  --import                                 # Import standard me environment
  --keep                                   # Keep intermediate files
  --log logSpec                            # Save errors to a log file
  --nocross                                # Build natively
  --overwrite                              # Overwrite existing files
  --out path                               # Save output to a file
  --platform os-arch-profile               # Build for specified platform
  --pre                                    # Pre-process a source file to stdout
  --prefix dir=path                        # Define installation path prefixes
  --profile [debug|release|...]            # Use the build profile
  --quiet                                  # Quiet operation. Suppress trace 
  --rebuild                                # Rebuild all specified targets
  --reconfigure                            # Reconfigure with existing settings
  --release                                # Same as --profile release
  --rom                                    # Build for ROM without a file system
  --set [feature=value]                    # Enable and a feature
  --show                                   # Show commands executed
  --static                                 # Make static libraries
  --unicode                                # Set char size to wide (unicode)
  --unset feature                          # Unset a feature
  --version                                # Display the me version
  --verbose                                # Trace operations
  --watch [sleep time]                     # Watch for changes and rebuild
  --why                                    # Why a target was or was not built
  --with PACK[=PATH]                       # Build with package at PATH
  --without PACK                           # Build without a package

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