Pak™ — Package Manager for Applications


Embedthis Pak is a package manager for application components. Pak makes it easy to retrieve, integrate and manage components for applications. Pak makes it easy to create applications out of reusable application components.

Pak is not dedicated to one language, framework or environment. Nor is Pak for installing whole applications. Rather, Pak is an agnostic, application component package manager. You can use it for installing any of the hundreds of thousands of available packages from NPM, Bower and GitHub repositories.


Why Pak?

Existing package managers like NPM and Bower are excellent, but these package managers are typically tuned specific environments and not for general application creation. Further, when installing, these package managers will simply dump package contents into a directory and provide no means of customizing how the package contents are installed. Pak allows you to control and customize how package contents are installed and integrated into your application.

Pak supports customizing existing third party packages by overriding their package.json file to suit your custom requirements.


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