Embedthis provides device builders with device management software for local and cloud-based management.

Our products are fast, compact, standards-based and portable. We provide commercial licenses and extensive support and development services for our customers.

Manage Devices Everwhere

Embedthis provides world-class device agents and embedded web servers. Our newest Ioto agent embodies over 20 years of experience managing devices and provides cloud-based monitoring, local device control, metrics, and over-the-air upgrades.

ioto web server


The Ioto device agent is our newest embedded agent. It is exceptionally compact and fast, yet implements a long list of capabilities including: an embedded web server, MQTT client, HTTP client, embedded database, state persistency, cloud-integration, log file export and OTA upgrading. All in less than 150K of code. Ideal for Linux and FreeRTOS systems and is easily ported to other platforms.



Appweb is a feature rich embedded web server. It offers strong performance and extensive security features.

For new devices, we recommend the Ioto agent. Read the Web Servers Compared for more details.



GoAhead is a popular embedded web server. It is compact and easily ported. GoAhead has been embedded in over 450 different products and is deployed in hundreds of millions of devices worldwide.

For new devices, we recommend the Ioto agent. Read the Web Servers Compared for more details.

Cloud Tools

While assisting customers manage their devices from the cloud, Embedthis has created invaluable tools to assist with AWS serverless development.


SenseDeep is a serverless developer studio to accelerate your design, debug and delivery of cloud serverless and IoT applications. SenseDeep has powerful Lambda and DynamoDB database studios and includes a real-time log viewer to diagnose and trace important cloud and device events.


OneTable is a DynamoDB data access library and is the most productive way to create IoT device data stores in the cloud. It has a dry, high-level, elegant syntax that works with the AWS SDK V2 and V3 for JavaScript and TypeScript.

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