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Automations Overview

The EmbedThis Builder offers automated actions, enabling you to continuously and independently respond to changes in device or cloud data.

These automated actions are an excellent method for developing a self-sustaining device cloud that proactively addresses anomalies in device and cloud states.

Automation Pipeline

The Builder solution implements automation via triggers, actions and alerts.

Triggers will detect events or state of interest and when activated, automatically run a corresponding action.

Trigger List


Automation Triggers will monitor data sources and state to evaluate data and see if the predefined trigger expression is activated.

Triggers can be defined for a variety of sources including device data and metrics, HTTP endpoints or user UI actions.


Automation actions are initiated by triggers that specify the conditions necessary to activate an action. The action utilizes the trigger context as parameters to execute the appropriate response.

Examples of automation actions include creating alerts, defining metrics, performing database operations, and sending emails.


The Builder provides a special action to create Alert message notices.

Alert notices can be created in either the Builder or Device Manager consoles via the the Alert and Builder Alert actions. When combined with the appropriate triggers, Alert notices provide an accurate log of device conditions and state.

Alert List

To learn more, read about: Triggers.