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Claiming Devices

When creating a device cloud, the Builder creates a device manager site for your cloud. The Ioto Device Manager is a generic (white-label) device manager for your devices. It can be extensively customized with your logo, product name and device specific screens and panels. Use the Builder to customize the Device Manager to suit your needs.

When a user purchases or installs a device with the Ioto agent, they can "claim" the device using the Ioto Manager application. The user claims their device using the UCI printed on the device label.

Device Label

The user enters the 10 letter code Claim ID code into a claim form on the Ioto Manager site configured when you created your device cloud.

When the Ioto Manager receives that request, it provisions the necessary X.509 certificates and AWS IoT resources required to support and manage the device.

When the device is unclaimed, the Ioto agent in the device will regularly check with the Ioto service to see if it has been claimed. In this state, it is "unmanaged" and awaiting orders.

The Ioto device agent will check the Ioto service immediately on power-on, and then every 5 seconds with an exponentially increasing delay period up to a defined limit. If the device is rebooted, the polling process recommences.

After device claiming, when the device will be provided the X.509 certificate and keys when it next connects or polls the service. The device will save the certificates and keys, then connect to the device cloud. This completes the provisioning process.

Pre-Claiming Devices

If you are using pre-claimed devices, the process is similar, except you claim the device from the Ioto Manager when the device is made. Otherwise the process is the same.