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CloudWatch Metrics

AWS CloudWatch is a monitoring and management service that provides data and actionable insights to monitor devices and get a unified view of operational health.

Ioto provides an easy way to generate custom metrics for capture by AWS CloudWatch so you can track critical device performance and information.

API Tour

rmetrics("Fan Temperature", "Acme/Rocket", "Fan", "Temp", "int", 101, "Fan", "string", "fan-0", NULL);

This would emit the metric "fan-0" temperature is 101 degrees. After this call, CloudWatch or the EmbedThis builder UI can display the fan temperature graph over time.

The rmetrics API

The arguments of the rmetrics API are:

PUBLIC void rmetrics(cchar *message, cchar *namespace, cchar *dimensions, cchar *values, ...);

The message is any identifying message you like to emit. The namespace is the CloudWatch custom namespace name for your metrics.

The metric values are expressed as triplet comprised of: Name, Type and Value.

The name is the metric name. The type can be "int", "int64", "boolean" or "string".

You can write multiple metrics with one call by supplying multiple value triplets.

The dimensions are vectors that qualify the metric. CloudWatch treats each unique combination of dimensions as a separate metric. Enter the dimensions as a comma separated list of dimensions. For example:

dimensions = "Process,Module"

The values of the dimensions must be added to your value triplets.

rmetrics("Fan Temperature", "Acme/Rocket",
    "InFlowTemp", "int", 101,
    "OutFlowTemp", "int", 143,
    "Process", "int", 42,
    "Module", "string", "input",