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Manager Designer

The Manager Designer is a configuration panel for you to modify aspects of the Device Manager.

Using the designer, you can customize the Standard Device Manager and modify:

  • Manager Domain Name
  • App Name/title
  • App Logo

If you require more extensive changes you can upload a custom app based upon the Device Manager or you can provide a completely custom app of your design.

Manager List

From the Builder manager list, click on the Edit icon to display the manager designer.

Manager List

This will display the Manager configuration panel.

Manager Designer

Manager Domain Name

The Ioto Device Manager, is hosted by Embedthis on a sub-domain of your choosing under the domain. You can select a unique sub-domain that reflects your company or product's brand. The sub-domain name you choose must be globally unique. Alternatively, you can register your own domain name and point that to the underlying Ioto manager site.

To use an Ioto sub-domain, enter the sub-domain name of your choosing. To use a self-hosted domain, check the "Self Hosted Domain" checkbox and enter your full domain name.

Manager Title

The Device Manager Title can be modified to display an alternate name in the user interface navigation frame at the top of the browser window. Set this to your desired product name. Alternately, this title can be defined in the display.json5 definition file described below.

The Ioto Device Manager may be customized by uploading your own corporate or product logo. This logo will be used on the Manager login screen and in the top navigation bar of the manager.

Your logo should be a small, square, transparent logo in a format supported by most browsers.

To upload, click on the Logo section and and check the Upload Logo and click on the Logo Image file selection box to select a logo file to upload.

To clear a previously uploaded logo, click on "Clear existing logo".

Device Schema

The Ioto Cloud Manager uses the Ioto agent database schema to define what device specific data should be stored in the cloud and what are the device manageable entities.

The schema describes the device entities and their data properties and data types. From this, the Ioto Manager is able to dynamically construct a user interface when guided by the display.json5 file.

Ioto defines a default schema when you create the device cloud. This schema supports a generic key/value store. Initially, you can use the default schema, but as you progress, you may wish to define your own data entities to store device specific data.

The device schema is fixed per device cloud and is common across all device manager for that device cloud. You can modify the device schema via the Cloud Modify panel.

For more information about the device schema, See the Ioto service documentation:

Configuring the Manager Display

If you require more extensive customizations such changing UI screens or UI navigation, you can customize the Ioto Manager app and upload this to the builder.

The Ioto Standard Device Manager itself is an unmodified build from the Ioto manager app.

The Ioto Manager user interface is defined by a JSON configuration file called display.json5 that can be modified to suit your specific needs.

The display.json file defines the following items:

  • Displayed Name
  • Display color theme including dark and light modes
  • Menu items and options
  • UI pages
  • Data tables and fields
  • Device data edit property panels
  • Dashboard data and widgets to display

The initial display.json5 configuration file defines a "developer" skin for the device manager.

For more information about the Display file, See the manager documentation:

To learn more, read in the Manager documentation: Device Manager.

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