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Ioto Device Manager

The Device Manager is a white-label cloud-based device manager that is uniquely configured for your device profile. It can be extensively customized to manage your devices with your product name, logo, color and font theme, device data and device specific screens.

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Builder Cloud Configuration

For each device cloud, you can create one or more device managers.

Device managers can be based on the Standard Ioto device manager or they can be custom applications uploaded to the builder.

The Standard Device Manager permits limited customization via the Builder where you can change the manager's name/title and upload a custom corporate logo.

The Standard manager can also be customized by building the Manager app included with the Ioto agent distribution. With this approach, you can completely customize the manager including changing the:

  • UI navigation
  • Color theme including fonts, fore/background colors and icons
  • UI screens, forms and pages
  • UI navigation
  • Custom browser logic to process device specific data
  • Device database schema

Initially, the Manager utilizes a developer skin suitable for testing communications with your devices. The developer skin displays registered devices and enables you to inspect and modify device data.

Manager List

However, by customizing the Ioto agent's manager app you can completely reconfigure the Device Manager to suit your devices.

Read next about how to configure the Manager via Manager App.