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EmbedThis Builder

EmbedThis Builder is a site and service that helps you create and manage your internet connected devices.

The EmbedThis Builder is used to define your connected device products, download device agent software, and configure and control cloud-based management.

It is also the portal to purchase subscriptions, receive support, and resolve issues with the guidance of EmbedThis staff.

The Builder is a developer's one-stop shop for creating connected devices.

Builder Site

Builder Overview

Using the Builder you can perform the following tasks:

  • Create product definitions for your connected devices.
  • Select, license, and purchase embedded device agents.
  • Create and deploy device clouds from which to manage your devices.
  • Upload device data models for synchronizing device data in the cloud.
  • Configure and manage Over-The-Air software upgrades for your devices.
  • Access support documentation and samples.
  • Connect with Embedthis support to raise and track support issues.
  • Purchase and pay online for your EmbedThis subscriptions.

Builder Work Flows

Depending on your use case, your process flow with the Builder will vary.

We've created guided walk-throughs depending on your role:

For Product Managers For Cloud Engineers For Embedded Engineers For Purchasing and Procurement Roles

And your use case:

Cloud-Managed Devices Device-Managed Devices Managing Subscriptions